Linda Blum and Bryan Royds have each coached over 2,000 managers and staff. We coach some people on a regular basis for one or more years; others just want a few sessions on a particular topic or issue.

Areas we regularly assist with include:

Increasing manager effectiveness

We will work with you to develop a Leadership Development Plan (LDP) based on the needs of your role for the next 6-12 months. This plan identifies the results you want to achieve, the key areas you will need to develop as a manager to achieve these and specific strategies and actions to get there. The LDP provides the foundation for on-going coaching, which consists of a range of tools and activities tailored to your needs and style to increase your impact and effectiveness.

Common themes during coaching are:

  • Making the transition to a new role
  • Building or strengthening your team
  • Leading your team during change
  • Improving communication and relationships at work
  • Developing your confidence and impact as a leader.

You may also choose to undertake Real Time Coaching, where we observe you during usual activities (e.g. running team meetings) and provide detailed feedback and recommendations.

Addressing specific challenges

  • Managing your work load and work/life balance
  • Dealing with conflict and personality clashes
  • Dealing with a difficult staff member (or two)
  • Managing up and sideways
  • Handling stress to maintain health and well-being.

Career development

Depending on your needs, we may:

  • Review your current situation, past career moves and career issues
  • Identify your motivators, work values, interests and key skills
  • Develop a personal Ideal Job Profile
  • Use specialised career tools developed by us, or a range of psychometric instruments
  • Explore career options, including development in your current role and organisation
  • Design a personal strategic plan to get you where you want to be
  • Provide interviewing skills practice or help with job contacts.

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