Leading with Confidence programme

This programme is for managers who want to take their confidence as a leader to the next level. It is designed for people who want to increase both their influence and visibility by transforming self-doubt and uncertainty into ease and confidence. The programme focuses on building greater confidence with:

  • Leading and contributing to groups
  • Being assertive with peers and leaders more senior than you
  • Managing difficult conversations and conflict
  • Standing your ground and keeping relationships positive
  • Managing negative self-talk
  • Maintaining resilience in the face of setbacks
  • Reading and responding to interpersonal dynamics

The programme has a maximum of 8 participants and is structured over five weeks to assist you to apply your learning back at work.

Contact Linda Blum on 04 476 7603 or linda@achievegroup.co.nz for information on the next public programme.

Facilitation Skills programme

This covers:

  • How to prepare for meetings and large facilitated gatherings
  • Starting your session and establishing a suitable environment for your meeting. This includes quick ways to link participants and focus them on the required outcomes.
  • Facilitating to open and close group conversations
  • Using small groups and active methods to rapidly generate ideas for discussion and processing
  • Brainstorming and other process tools for facilitators
  • How to manage a changing agenda and keep sessions on track
  • How to respond to a range of participant feelings states eg. anger, anxiety, distress
  • Using communication skills that reduce conflict and disharmony
  • Running more complex meetings to bring about a significant change
  • Handling challenging situations that arise during meetings
  • Finishing meetings and action planning

The programme includes practical activities and will enable you to rehearse real facilitation situations you have/are likely to experience in your work. Limited to 8 participants.

Contact Linda Blum on 04 476 7603 or linda@achievegroup.nz for information on the next public programme.