2020 Programme schedule 

Programme 1 starting in March 2020 is full. 

We are now taking registrations for Programme 2. The dates for the 2020 workshops are:

Programme 1Programme 2
Workshop 117-19 March23-25 June
Workshop 2
19-20 May25-26 August
Workshop 3
21-22 July13-14 October
Workshop 4
22 September8 December

Leading for Results® 2020 Programmes

Terms and conditions

Payment terms

The programme fee is $10,900 plus GST for early-bird registrations received by 6 December 2019 for Programme 1 starting in March 2020, and 31 March 2020 for Programme 2 starting in June 2020. It is $11,900 plus GST thereafter.

The total fee is payable by Friday 7 February 2020 for Programme 1 and Friday 8 May 2020 for Programme 2.

Approach to 360 feedback

If you are interested in receiving 360 feedback as part of the programme, we use an approach called 'best self' feedback. We provide guidance on using this approach as part of the programme. Doing so is optional and there is no additional charge for this. If you have already done an alternative 360, or would prefer to do one via your organisation during the programme, we are happy to work with that.


If advised on or before Friday 7 February 2020 for Programme 1 or Friday 8 May 2020 for Programme 2, 50% of the total programme fee is due. If advised after the relevant programme date, the full programme fee is due.

However, we would welcome an alternative participant from the same organisation who can take advantage of the programme.