Team Management Profile®

Team Management Profile TMP / TMI image

The Team Management Profile (also known as the TMP and TMI) provides practical work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences and the potential strengths that an individual can bring to a team.

The Team Management Profile is especially useful for work with teams, as it provides in-depth individual information on the type of work each team member will thrive on plus their preferred approach to working with others.

Aside from team development the TMP is commonly used in organisations for:

  • Management training
  • Leadership training
  • Team communication
  • Coaching
  • Setting up project teams
  • Career development and planning
  • Understanding how people respond to change initiatives
  • Managing conflict
  • Recruitment (used in conjunction with other assessments to get a suitable team fit)

Other Leadership and Team Instruments

We are also qualified in a number of other assessment instruments from Lominger, Hogan, Myers Briggs (MBTI®), the Leadership Behaviours Profile, Values at Work Analysis, Strong Interest Inventory and a range of other career planning instruments.

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