Management and Leadership Training

The manager’s job is to plan, organise and co-ordinate. The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate. New Zealand managers need to do both from day one.

It’s tough being a new manager, or a middle manager who is promoted early into a complex role. You are usually promoted because you were successful in your last role; but may realise that what served you well in previous roles is no longer adequate. To lead or manage effectively you may need to make substantial shifts. A shift in how you approach your role and the way you add value. And a shift in your sets of skills. Each level of management has different requirements.

As one of our Leading for Results participants commented, “I now see that I have to approach management as if it was a new profession”. J.H.

Perhaps you, or one of your direct reports, has stepped into a management role for the first time, or is grappling with a larger or more complex leadership role. If so, consider one of our programmes. There are two options: the public Leading for Results® programme, or a tailored in-house programme for a group of managers.

Leading for Results® programme

This programme ensures a sustained focus on development over six months through a combination of workshops, action learning groups and one-to-one coaching. Through this programme each manager will develop:

  • Greater confidence in leading teams
  • Better strategic thinking
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Greater self-awareness
  • An improved ability to build high performing teams
  • Stronger skills in motivating and coaching for high performance
  • Increased resilience and ability to lead through change
  • Tools to deal with difficult conversations and conflict
  • An expanded network of peers in similar circumstances.

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Tailored programme

We can tailor a programme for your organisation that will include the specific blend of leadership and management skills and tools needed to achieve results in your industry. We include a few case examples under Our Clients.

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